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Oxfam HIV and AIDS Program Gender Evaluation 

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South Africa


September 2013


N. Nel



The Oxfam HIV and AIDS Program (OHAP) engaged with 29 partners in three provinces in South Africa with the intent for communities to be less vulnerable to the impacts of HIV and AIDS though activities that enhance the quality and cohesion of the response to HIV and AIDS in South Africa. It is the fourth phase of the program. This phase focused on continuing to support community-based organisations (CBOs) and non-government organisations to deliver effective programs.

Evaluation methodology:
The evaluation scope included four partners’ gender work over the fourth phase period of 2009 to 2012. Methods included a document review, interviews, and analysis of data against the Kelleher-Rao Framework on gender transformation.

All partners benefited from Oxfam’s capacity building approach. Especially noteworthy were the workshops, which built skill, influenced partners strategies, and offered opportunities to network and share experiences. At the individual scale, there was success in transforming individual consciousness on gender, which transformed some partner organisations’ internal and external ways of working. In terms of community engagement, the delivery of workshops to mixed and single-sex groups had uneven success. Women’s groups were successful at building agency and solidarity on gender issues. However, men’s groups proved more challenging in participation rates as well as changing perceptions and practices. When engaged in a respectful, inclusive and transparent manner, Traditional leaders were receptive and were key entry points for community influence.

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