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Malawi Joint Country Strategy 2011-2015 Mid-Term Review 

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Climate change
Economic empowerment






March 2014


M. Kapyepye



Malawi became the second country, within the Oxfam confederation, to adopt the Single Management Structure (SMS) model for program delivery. The development and approval of a new Joint Country Analysis and Strategy (JCAS) was a prerequisite for a country to adopt SMS. Malawi Country Strategy (2010- 2015) sets out a broad framework for Oxfam’s engagement in Malawi in five strategic areas - Economic Empowerment, Climate Change, Humanitarian Mission, HIV & AIDS, and Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG).

Evaluation methodology:
The mid-review scope included all activities to assess the progress made against the program goals and to make recommendations to improve implementation. Quantitative and qualitative methods included document reviews and interviews, as well as PESTEL analysis, timeline assessment and onion skin model, statistical analysis and Creswell’s data analysis spiral.

Despite a number of changes in the Malawi economic, social and political environment, the JCAS change goals continue to be relevant and has registered progress. In the area of economic justice, the concept of Village Lending and Savings (VSL) has resulted in significant achievement in terms of direct alleviation of poverty through financial literacy and access to affordable loans in participating communities. Equity wise, the program has targeted and served certain demographic groups deemed vulnerable and has helped make a difference in the people’s lives, including women, and orphans and vulnerable children. Challenges remain to mainstream governance and gender justice, especially in building the capacity of partners on these topics.

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