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Alliance Building Study: A Study of How Oxfam Engages With Alliances in Indonesia 

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Alliance Building






01 April 13


P. Miller



The aim of the Indonesia Gender Justice Program is to support and build the capacity of local civil society organisations (CSOs) to empower women and promote equality between women and men. The program strategy is to support local CSO partners and their interventions at the individual, community and national levels that seek to influence change in individuals, and support individuals to change social norms and discriminatory practices and policies.

Evaluation methodology:
The study scope included relationships within each of the six alliances and between Oxfam and each alliance. Quantitative and qualitative methods included a literature review (on alliance building), stakeholder input (active / inactive alliance members and Oxfam Staff), via focus groups and interviews, with data analysed against the literature review findings.

The alliances studied functioned differently (e.g. as forums, social movements, alliances and networks) to serve different contexts and/or achieve different results. Each of the alliances studied had strengths and weaknesses, but overall, were bringing about social change. While the alliances differed, the majority of members reported beneficial alliance building factors within the literature of mutual trust, respect and clear common goals as the reason for joining; with the majority of alliances continuing to work well.

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