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End Evaluation: Oxfam West India Programme – Natural Resource Management 

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Natural Resource Management
Quality of Life






05 August 13


N R Management Consultants India Pvt Ltd



Project/Program: The West India Natural Resource Management Program was implemented with thirteen partner organisations across fifteen districts in West India. The goal of the program was for communities to have improved quality of life through control of natural resources they are dependent upon.

Evaluation methodology: The summative evaluation scope included all community/village scale program activities over the program duration from 2010 to 2013. Methods included a document review, stakeholder input (partner NGOs, government representatives and community members) and field visits to each program region.

Achievements: Oxfam effectively facilitated regular cross learning events for partners, where staff from well performing projects trained other partner staff and arranged for government officials to be exposed to well-performing villages. The program achieved success in promoting the rights of communities to access natural resources. A highlight of the program was that 18 villages collectively exercised their rights over tendu leaves under the Non-Timber Forest Products program.

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